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Inception Dance

I had the honor of working with a new dance company that is starting up in Bellevue. It was sort of kismet and it has been a wonderful time working with these talented dancers.

It started when a new former pro dancer moved to the area and wanted to start a company of dancers the would perform but have a edgy twist to the type of dance they do. He met a friend of mine that I have shot with on many occasions and they started talking and she gave him my number.

They are a little bit Ballet and a little bit dangerous with a dab of Rock & Roll so we wanted to show some of the fun side of what they do. They are just starting out and I recommend going to their Facebook page and liking them. They will be composing some original pieces with original music and are working on some their first performances now. I will be doing some more work with them in the future and can’t wait to see what they can accomplish. Here are some other images from that shoot.